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Correction  Number 1

Subject: Blyth Public School
Issue: Vol xxxiii
Year: 1997
Page: 10
Heading: Blyth Public

Incorrect information:   

“The first school in Blyth was located on Dinsley Street. It was a framed building, established in 1867 where the Orange Hall now stands. George Quinn was one of the first teachers in the school.

“A few years later a two-room frame school was raised on the east side of Highway 4, at the north end of Blyth.”


The Blyth Public School owned three lots at the north end of Blyth on the east side of Queen Street and immediately south of North Street. The first three Blyth schools were on this location: the first was a small log building circa 1860, the second was a framed building built about 1867, and the third was the two story brick building (1877) which still stands in that location. This school was replaced by the school on Mill and King Streets in 1896 to be replaced in 1965.

According to land registry records, there has never been a school on Dinsley Street. The Orange Lodge purchased part of Lot 24, McDonald Survey (Dinsley Street) in 1902 and moved a framed building to that site to serve as their meeting place. It is highly likely that this framed building was the former school on the hill. Thus the Orange Hall had been a school, but not on that location at that time (1867).



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