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On 3 CDs including a Companion Index - $35.00 plus $4.00 shipping - $39.00

Explore the history of Huron County from 1965 to 2002 –

This three CD set provides historians with:

  • Social History
  • Community Celebrations
  • Political Struggles
  • War Tales
  • Events that have shaped Huron County

Companion Index:

bullet Click here for a printable Companion Index for the 1965 - 2002 Historical Notes.

  • The Companion Index is also searchable.
  • Use the website search page to find titles within the Index.
  • While reading the Index with Adobe Reader
    • click the [Edit Menu] then click [Find]
    • or using the keyboard press [Ctrl-key] & [F-key] at the same time.

Published by:

Huron Arts & Heritage Network, with special thanks to the Huron County Historical Society for its partnership in this project.

bullet Click here for a printable order form in Adobe PDF format, or use the info below.

To order the Huron County Historical Notes:

Send an E-mail:

or phone Laurel Armstrong: 519-524-1156

Make cheque payable to:

Huron Arts & Heritage Network

Mail cheque to:

Huron Arts & Heritage Network, 57 Napier Street, Goderich, ON N7A 1W2.

Your CDs will be mailed next day.



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