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Please Excuse Us!


We all make mistakes from time to time, local historians, included.

Through the years, I am sure there have been some inaccuracies in some articles in our historical notes – some misinterpretations and faulty assumptions, some references to incorrect records. The problem with these little gaffs is that they persist, and are quoted in several places to the point where they become the accepted “truth”.

One example of this type of error is the one that got me thinking about this.
In our Historical Notes of 1997 which featured brief histories of Huron County schools, the writer states that “The first school in Blyth was on Dinsley Street.”  This is untrue, but the “fact’ has re-appeared in print and repeated in many conversations to the point where this error has become, for many people, part of our history.

We are planning to provide a place where you can report discrepancies such as this that you find in any current or back issue of Huron Historical Notes. We can’t reprint back issues, but at least we can provide a place for anyone to check on possible “Oops”.

I will enter my example below to illustrate the kind of information we would like to see. We think it would be good to provide some level of proof to your assertion - just enough to indicate that it’s more than a wild guess.

To look up Notes Errata, and see my sample entry, go to our website at, click on “Contact Us”, then “Notes Errata” and there you are.

Please send your Historical Notes errors to
Brock Vodden, Box 492, Blyth, ON  N0M 1H0 or


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