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2009 June

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Huron County Historical Society

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110 North St, PO Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5



Executive for 2009-2010

David Armstrong president 519-524-1156
Ralph Laviolette secretary 519-440-6206
Mac Campbell treasurer 519-524-7935
Ralph Laviolette newsletter 519-440-6206
Elaine Snell membership 519-523-9531
Ted Turner archivist  
Isobel Bissonnette archivist  
Brock Vodden councilor  
Rhea Hamilton-Seeger councilor  


Next Society Meetings...

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Dinner 6:00 pm and General Meeting 7:30 pm at Benmiller Inn.

Benmiller Innkeeper Scott Evans will be our host for the famous Benmiller monthly $19.95 seniors dinner. Then, Ted Johns of Blyth Festival will tell us about the play Boot Black Orator, a feature at Blyth this season.

This meeting is always sold out early.

Call David Armstrong at 519-524-1156 to reserve early and avoid disappointment.

Summer break...
We will take a break for the summer.

Next newsletter announcing the fall season will be issued in August/September.


Membership renewal...

The date shown above your name on the address label is the year to which your membership is paid up. If you are in arrears, consider this a reminder that the membership fees are now $20.

To reserve your member’s copy of Historical Notes, keep your dues up to date. Past copies of the Notes are available at the Museum, $8 per copy.
And, if you are in arrears, mail-in your membership today.

Note our current address for mail and memberships:

HCHS Memberships, Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5.


President’s message...
Our Annual General Meeting was held in Exeter on May 13 and included a tour of Trivitt Memorial Anglican Church. I am pleased to report that there was a unanimous vote at the AGM to honour Isobel Bissonnette and Rhea Hamilton-Seeger for their outstanding volunteer support over the last few years – Isobel as one of our archivists, Rhea for her work as Notes Editor. Congratulations to them both. Our council was elected to continue except for the resignation of Glen Gardiner, due to other commitments. Our thanks to Glen for his contribution.
The next general meeting is at the delightful Benmiller Inn and promises to be a hit. Please join us. ~ David Armstrong


Trivitt Anglican Church


At the last meeting...

Marion Astle, past warden of Trivitt Anglican Church, conducted a guided tour through the beautiful chancel.

Building of the church was donated by the Trivitts, staunch supporters during Exeter’s early growth in 1888. The church also received an endowment some years ago and is slowly being brought to good repair. The bell tower, long a feature of the church, is currently closed for repairs.


Letters to the editor...

Always welcome. Send to Ralph Laviolette, the HCHS editor at the address above or e-mail Ralph.

Elizabeth TrivittThomas Trivitt



The congregation had existed in an earlier building as Christ Church since the 1860s. Upon the donation of Thomas and Elizabeth, the new church was named Trivitt Memorial and an annual service commemorates the family.
The Trivitts are buried in a vault under the chancel.


Trivitt commemorative plaqueTrivitt commemorative plaque


Above: Two of the commemorative plaques in the sanctuary. The top one celebrates the Trivitt funding agreement. The one below remembers an early member.


Trivitt Chancel

View of the beautiful chancel. The stained glass Rose and East windows, the bell tower with carillon, the two transcepts, a Tracker organ, beautiful woodwork and a spacious timber arch sanctuary lend a respectful air to this elegant building as a place of worship serving the Exeter community for over 100 years.



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