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2009 October

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Huron County Historical Society

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110 North St, PO Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5



Executive for 2009-2010

David Armstrong president 519-524-1156
Ralph Laviolette secretary 519-440-6206
Mac Campbell treasurer 519-524-7935
Ralph Laviolette newsletter 519-440-6206
Elaine Snell membership 519-523-9531
Ted Turner archivist  
Isobel Bissonnette archivist  
Brock Vodden councilor  
Rhea Hamilton-Seeger councilor  


Next Society Meetings...

Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Dinner 6:00pm ($16. pp) and General Meeting 7:00pm at Holmesville United Church, Holmesville

Presentations will include Paul Carroll about a new book - Four Years on the Great Lakes: The Journal of Lt. David Wingfield and Beth Ross on the Huron County Cultural Plan. Call David Armstrong (519-524-1156) to reserve your place.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009
Dinner starts at 6:00pm ($15. pp) and General Meeting 7:00pm at St Andrews United Church, Bayfield.

Full course dinner hosted by the UCW Church Auxiliary.
Presentation by Janet Snider, the author and publisher of elementary school texts, on Enlivening Canadian History.


Membership renewal...

The date shown above your name on the address label is the year to which your membership is paid up. If you are in arrears, consider this a reminder that the membership fees are now $20.

To reserve your member’s copy of Historical Notes, keep your dues up to date. Past copies of the Notes are available at the Museum, $8 per copy.
And, if you are in arrears, mail-in your membership today.

Note our current address for mail and memberships:

HCHS Memberships, Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5.


President’s message...
Greetings once again, Members and Friends of the Huron County Historical Society!
We are at it again with our fall schedule of activities.
Our next meeting in October will feature Paul Carroll, past director of the Society and a contributor and editor to our Notes over the years. Paul has done fascinating research on Lake Huron marine issues and will bring us stories of more recently unearthed documents and diaries.
In addition, Beth Ross, head of the Huron County Cultural Committee, will provide us with an update on the County’s Cultural Plan and our part in it.
An evening that promises to be interesting and informative. We look forward to seeing you on October 21 and at the other HCHS monthly meetings that have been planned. ~ David Armstrong


2009 Historical Notes...

Included with this newsletter to paid-up members and associates is a copy of the 2009 edition of Huron Historical Notes featuring the Village of Bayfield. This edition of Notes was researched by Dianne Smith, Elaine Sturgeon and Ralph Laviolette over the last 6 months, based on information provided by the archival collection of the Bayfield Historical Society. Enjoy.…


Bud Chamney truck collection

Above Photo: Part of the Chamney collection exhibited for our September meeting.


Last meeting...

Bud Chamney entertained the meeting with a show and tell tour of his collection of vintage and collectible cars and delivery trucks. Some photos of parts of the collection are shown here. After a delicious dinner prepared by Laura May Chamney and ladies of Auburn Community Hall group, Jim and Dorothy Schneider provided a brief history of the village and its beginnings, highlighting many of the original storefronts and business establishments on its former Main St that have been successfully converted over the years to residences, showing the versatility of older buildings to adapt to new uses.


Letters to the editor...

Always welcome. Send to Ralph Laviolette, the HCHS editor at the address above or e-mail Ralph.


Bud ChamneyChamney Ford rumble seat

Above Left: Our pre-meeting host, Bud Chamney. Right: A Chamney Ford with a rumble seat. We all wanted to climb in.

Bud Chamney Hobby Shop Sign

Dorothy Jim Schneider

Above: Dorothy and Jim Schneider sharing their village reminiscences. Below: Auburn’s Main St was bypassed when the new bridge over the Maitland was built. This is part of the old Auburn Main St streetscape with former businesses artfully converted to residences and the Post Office.

Auburn Main Street


Huron Historical Notes...

Work on the 2010 Notes edition featuring anecdotes and other notable trivia of an historic Huron County nature are now being accumulated. Any story contributions would be appreciated.

Historical Notes are funded by society membership fees and donations. If you feel that Notes provide a valuable record of Huron County events and local history, why not consider encouraging others to become members or to buy their own copies of Huron County Historical Society (HCHS) Notes for personal use.


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