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2011 October

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Huron County Historical Society

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110 North St., PO Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5



Executive for 2011-2012

David Armstrong president 519-524-1156
Ralph Laviolette secretary 519-565-2454
Mac Campbell treasurer 519-524-7935
Ralph Laviolette past president 519-565-2454
Elaine Snell membership 519-523-9531
Rhea Hamilton-Seeger councilor  
Brock Vodden councilor  
Pam Stanley councilor  


Next Society Meetings...

Wednesday November 16, 2011

General Meeting in Huron County Museum Auditorium, 110 North St., Goderich

7:00 pm Short business meeting and a presentation by Edith George, advisor to the Ontario Urban Forest Council and past director of the Weston Historical Society

Ms. George will speak about heritage trees, a topic of much current interest after all the storms, hail and tornado effects Huron County has suffered.

Members, visitors and guests are welcome to attend the full session or the feature presentation at 7:00 pm.


Membership renewal...

The date shown above your name on the address label is the year to which your membership is paid up. If you are in arrears, consider this a reminder that the membership fees are now $20.

To reserve your member’s copy of Historical Notes, keep your dues up to date. Past copies of the Notes are available at the Museum, $8 per copy.
And, if you are in arrears, mail-in your membership today.

Note our current address for mail and memberships:

HCHS Memberships, Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5.


At the last meeting...

On October 19, 2011, 23 members and guests gathered at the Fireside Cafe south of Wingham to a dinner meeting. Following the dinner, the group was regaled by the dynamic trio of Rhea Hamilton-Seeger as publisher, Ted Turner as researcher and John Hazlitt as author and inspirer spoke of the trials and tribulations, and some interesting anecdotes, about how the stories and legends of the stream works, dams and mills of the Maitland River came together to appear in their upcoming book... The Power of the Maitland. If you want a copy of the book, contact Rhea or any member of the Society council.


Archive Facilities project...

Members will recall that in 2009, the Society undertook a project to make recommendations for a competent storage solution for the many public and private family and other collections in the County. The project began with recognition that there is not sufficient space in existing storage or display locations to house current collections.


Huron Historical Notes progress...

Copies of the 2011 Notes - Pot Pourri Encore have been distributed to paid-up members. The edition of Notes featuring Wingham and North Huron history were delayed and could not be available for 2011 publication, but they are on track once again, hopefully for early 2012 distribution. Our supply of Pot Pourri articles was diminished considerably and will be built-up again as contributions come in.

Also, if you have a suggested topic or an anecdote or article to contribute to the next Pot Pourri, drop Ralph a line or e-mail: or phone: 519-565-2454


The back page...

What is a Heritage Tree?


Why is it important to protect them?


Wednesday, November 16th at 7:00 pm
Huron County Museum, 110 North Street, Goderich

Speaker: Edith George is an advisor to the Ontario Urban Forest Council & a past director of the board of the Weston Historical Society.

Learn how a tree can be designated a "Heritage Tree" with a toolkit from the Ontario Heritage Tree Alliance. Edith's main focus will be in identifying a tree's historical and cultural significance to the community.

Hosted by the Huron County Historical Society



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