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2012 June

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Huron County Historical Society

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110 North St, PO Box 3
Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5



Executive for 2010-2011

David Armstrong president 519-524-1156
Ralph Laviolette secretary 519-440-6206
Mac Campbell treasurer 519-524-7935
Ralph Laviolette newsletter, notes 519-565-2454
Elaine Snell membership 519-523-9531
Brock Vodden councilor  
Rhea Hamilton-Seeger councilor  
Pam Stanley councilor  


Next Society Meetings.....

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

General Meeting and Dinner at the Kintail School on Highway 21 at 85581 Bluewater Hwy, Kintail.

5:30 p.m. Welcome and Guided Tour of the School

6:00 p.m. Beef dinner with all the trimmings and dessert, at the School, $20 per person.

7:00 p.m. Brief business meeting and a presentation on the history of the Kintail School by Jim Sinnett.

Visitors and guests are welcome to any portion of the evening…..

Please call David Armstrong 519-524-1156 for dinner reservations before June 8th.


Membership renewal.....

The date shown above your name on the address label is the year to which your membership is paid up. If you are in arrears, consider this a reminder that the membership fees are now $20.
To reserve your member’s copy of Historical Notes, keep your dues up to date. Past copies of the Notes are available at the Museum, $8 per copy.
And, if you are in arrears, mail-in your membership today.

Note our current address for mail and memberships:

HCHS Memberships, Box 3, Goderich ON, N7A 3Y5.


At the last meeting......

On Wednesday May 16, members gathered in Belgrave for the Annual General Meeting and for a presentation and visit to the Old Tyme Radio Centre hosted by proprietor Gary Clayton.

A sumptuous repast was prepared and served by the Belgrave Women's Institute in the hall of Knox Presbyterian Church in Belgrave. Gary then toured the group through his extensive collection of memorabilia in addition to his specialty - vintage radios of every description. We toured his showroom and shops where he restores old autos and refinishes a wide variety of radio cabinets. He also gave tips on improving radio reception in the area from London stations, notably CBC. A thoroughly worthwhile and fascinating visit. If you missed the meeting and you want a real taste of nostalgia for old–time radio programs and radio sets, Gary is the man to visit – he is in the center of the village on Highway 4, north of Blyth.


Letters to the editor.....

Always welcome. Send to Ralph Laviolette, the HCHS editor at the address above or email Ralph.


Archives Facilities project…..

Members will recall that in 2009, the Society undertook a project to make recommendations for a competent storage solution for the many public and private family and other collections in the County.

The working group that attended many of visits to neighboring archives has completed its report to the board. The report and its recommendations to prepare a business plan outlining needs and costs will be printed shortly. A presentation to the Huron County Council is in the works for support of an application for a federal or provincial grant to bring the project along further.


Progress on Historical Notes.....

The 2012 edition of Huron Historical Notes is underway. It will feature the celebrations planned for the 125th anniversary of the village of St Helens, near Lucknow, in the north-west part of the County. Notes featuring the village of Egmondville, another featuring a brief history of the Wingham area, and another Pot Pourri edition are also in the works. If you have an interesting anecdote to share, or a story of historic interest to tell, please contact editor Ralph Laviolette 519-565-2454 or email .


Past Historical Notes on the Web…..

Some time ago, the Society’s board engaged a webmaster to make editions of our Historical Notes dating back to 1965 searchable, so that names of people and places could be found in our extensive collection of histories, stories and anecdotes could be found easily.  The task was daunting since copies of older editions prepared on typewriters had become difficult to read and decipher.  But webmaster Derek Fazakas persevered and the task was completed to the Board’s satisfaction.  At the May 2012 Annual General Meeting, the membership voted to make older copies of the Notes available to members and the public on the web with a proviso that a donation to our efforts will be appreciated if copies are made of edition any Notes or part thereof. 

The task of mounting the Notes on our website, will begin shortly.  Stay tuned......


Cary Clayton

Above Photo: Gary Clayton of the Old Tyme Radio Centre, Belgrave, explaining to Marvin and Elaine Snell and Mac Campbell about one of the pieces in his collection.


Old Tyme Radio Centre

Above Photo: Part of the Old Tyme Radio Centre collection and other items available as period pieces going back to WW2  times.


Brief notes about Kintail.....

Kintail derives its name from  an area of mountains in the Northwest Highlands of Scotland. In The Settlement of Huron County, 1966, author James Scott records that Kintail was a small post office established in April 1, 1856, with D. McCrae (one of the first overseers of highways) appointed the first postmaster.  At its height, Kintail had both a saw and gristmill as well as two general stores and a telegraph office.  Other small post offices that came into existence as the surrounding Ashfield Township developed were Kingsbridge, a centre of Irish settlers north of Goderich, Nile, Amberley (named Ashfield at first), Port Albert where it was expecxted that a port would be established, Belfast and Lucknow.

Want to hear more of this small settlement…come to the meeting on June 20. And call ahead for dinner reservations.....



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